About Us

Penola Catholic College is a Catholic co-educational school for students from Year 7 to Year 12 which incorporates a traditional HSC pathway for Years 11 and 12.

Our learning environment focuses on providing students the opportunity to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills, in order for them to become passionate and resilient lifelong learners who are creative, innovative and productive global citizens. We also believe that quality relationships between teachers enable quality learning to be maximised.

Penola Catholic College embraces the belief that learning is a life skill which needs to be nurtured in each student. We strive to provide learning experiences that challenge students to explore the world they live in and ask questions which prompt curiosity and creativity.



Principal’s Welcome

A welcome message from Penola Catholic College Principal, Jim Fanning.


What We Offer

We are delighted that you are considering Penola Catholic College for your son or daughter. To help you, we’ve outlined some highlights of what makes us different from other schools.


Our Story

Formerly known as McCarthy Catholic College (named for early Irish settlers and lay Catholics in the region), our school was established in 1986. Now known as Penola Catholic College, we are a school ‘on the move’ employing contemporary learning practices that engage and excite today’s learners.


Teaching Excellence

Whether teaching or in the office, the dedicated staff at Penola College are part of a system committed to transforming the lives of every student, every day.


Student Wellbeing

Students at Penola Catholic College are treated with dignity and respect. Penola is a safe, caring and welcoming environment. Students are always encouraged to be responsible, respectful and safe learners.


Our Faith Journey

Staff and students are encouraged to both celebrate and model the Gospel values in their daily relationships. Students live out this example as Catechists (scripture teachers) in local state primary schools and by being active participants in church, society and cultural events that reflect our Catholic faith.


Policies and Procedures

Penola Catholic College has a number of policies and procedures that govern various aspects of our school life. Learn how we operate.


Annual School Report

The Annual School Report provides parents and the wider school community with fair, accurate and objective information about various aspects of school performance and development.