Teaching Excellence

Whether teaching or in the office Penola Catholic College staff are part of a system committed to transforming the lives of every student, every day.

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Penola Catholic College Staff


Leadership Team

Principal Leader Mr Jim Fanning
Assistant Principal Mrs Peta Sparkes
Director of Religious Education & Mission Mr Robert Feeney
Director of Pedagogy and Instructional Coach Mrs Julie Petrovski
Director of Curriculum Mrs Una Hughes
Office Administrator Mrs Sharon Clarke
Business Manager Mrs Peta Gardiner
Director of Wellbeing Mr Martin Stein


KLA Leaders of Learning

Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) Mrs Julie Petrovski
Community and Business Partnerships Miss Samantha Berridge
English Mrs Una Hughes
Human Society in its Environment (HSIE) Mr Nicholas Hall 
Information and Communication Technology Mr Matthew Young
Mathematics Mr John Drake
Personnel Development Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) Mr Stuart Whiley
Careers  and Community Partnership Officer  Mr Marc Petit
Science Mrs Dannielle Hamilton 
Sports Miss Rachael Muscat
Technological and Applied Studies (TAS) Ms Jacqueline Murphy
Vocational Education and Training (VET) Mr Geoff Sullivan
Diversity Ms Alison Billiards


Stage Leaders of Learning

Stage 4 - Year 7 and Year 8 Mrs Rachel Miller
Assistant Leader of Stage 4
Mr Braedon Cuneo
Stage 5 - Year 9 and Year 10 Mr John McKnight
Assistant Leader of Stage 5 Miss Lani Brookfield
Stage 6 - Year 11 and Year 12

Mr Nathan Bryant


College Homeroom Teachers

7.1 Miss May Ale
7.2 Miss Alina Goro
7.3 Ms Anna Keogh
7.4 Mrs Fran Sidourk
7.5 Mr Jacob Waldon
8.1 Mrs Michele Glynn
8.2 Mrs Danielle Bull
8.3 Mrs Cynthia Maruziva
8.4 Miss Yasheen Manuel
8.5 Miss Cassie Yang
9.1 Mr Xandro Lombardi
9.2 Mr Stuart Whiley 
9.3 Mr David Cobb
9.4 Miss Charvee Sood
9.5 Mr John Durkin
10.1 Mr Lee Sullivan
10.2 Mr Andrew McMaster
10.3 Miss Britany Azzopardi 
10.4 Mrs Connie Voutos
10.5 Miss Hanna Bellato
11.1 Mr Enzo Santoro
11.2 Mr Conrad McDonald
11.3 Mr Stephen Quach
12.1 Mrs Danielle Hamilton
12.2 Mr Robert Mudge


Mr Ed Cross 


School Support and Organisation Executive

Administration and Compliance Officer Mrs Stephanie McCully
School Fees Mrs Julie Jones
Curriculum Secretaries Mrs Rebecca Cropper
Grounds person Mr
ICT Technician Mr Nicholas Sirmais
ICT Trainee Mr James O'Dwyer
Library Assistant Mrs Catherine Molloy
Receptionist Mrs Cheryl Whatman
Student Administration Mrs Melissa Mills
School Counsellors Mr Stephen Hare
Communications & Marketing Officer Mrs Leezar Camilleri